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v4 Released - kAsTech School Portal

Change Log for V4

Heads Up! For the Version V3 Software changelog, please follow the Version v3 change log link. Version V3 Changelog


    Yay!!! Implemented Internet Disconnection Recall and Handler and Improved Processing Speed:
  1. Enhanced user experience with the addition of AJAX timeouts, providing better handling of internet disconnections.
  2. Improved processing speed for AJAX requests, ensuring faster response times and smoother interactions.
  3. Admin now has print class preview.
  4. Parent Email and Contact now visible to the Admin page Parent List.
  5. Automatic Result Load and Preview from ORS.
  6. Added the Student Manager Admin.
  7. Added Subject based result sorting for Report card module and Revampped interface by adding dropdown menu for compactability.


  1. * Mass Mailing now added to portal. Admin can send Bulk Emails to Specific category of People.
  2. * Flexible Result Added. Pre Nursery - Senior Secondary can now have their own set of result like 2 CA for Primary, 3 CA For Secondary etc, with their namings accordingly.
  3. Automated shift on score entry added to result card improving its Usability.
  4. Total Score now added to Result Sheet with scores instantly calculated.
  5. Added position in class to Broadsheet
  6. Added overall position in class for sub classes like A, B, C, D. Best in Class displays when sub classes do not exist.
  7. Added viewing of cummulative result from the admin.
  8. Staff and Student Login added to view profile
  9. Fixed Error of Non-Admitted or Withdrawal students showing up in form masters list.
  10. Added Grade description to result sheet.


  1. * Hurray! Added Automatic Update to file . Admins can now update portal from the Admin Interface Automatically.
  2. Added Subject Teacher to Staff Profile ("teaching_type" in staff table). This will restrict the staff to upload only subject currently teaching.
  3. Admin can now see teachers and the results uploaded to the database (Informative) and vice-versa.
  4. Fixed Duplicate Results uploaded to Database due to MySQL Error and Jquery Multiple clicks.
  5. Fixed comment section of result indefinite load on quote for comment.
  6. Homeworks now comes with Sub Classes Addition.
  7. Admission Module now Equipped with Ajax Calls
  8. 2 Way Communication created between Staff, Students, Parents and the Admin. Admin can now reply messages via the mail module Internally
  9. Improved the Admission function
  10. Expanded the Admin Student and Staff Profile Editing


  1. * Student Result Checker: Which acts as an alternative login for student. Result Pin, Serial and Reg Number or the General Login credential set by the admin and Reg Number can be used to login. This eliminates students forgetting their passwords and getting locked out.
  2. * Result Upload Continuity. Staff can now upload partial result into the database and continue at will.
  3. Added student profile delete to Admin portal
  4. State of the Art Score Detection Errors on Result Uploads.
  5. Added 4 CAs as a Standard. Can configure portal under config if you need the 2, 3 or 4 CA result system with custom CA names (Eg Project, Pratical etc)
  6. Added search to whole student database in Admin Portal
  7. Staff can now log in as a student (Only as a form Teacher) -> "Manage Students" => "My Class"
  8. Admin can now log in as a student and staff
  9. Student Wallet List (Freezing and Unfreezing) now available in Menu.
  10. Vice Principal Admin Portal: See Staff types below for more Information
  11. Added Manual Adding of Student to report card (New Module under Report Cards)
  12. Added Auto Principal Comment for Large students. Comments can be edited in /includes/configuration.php
  13. "Bursar Staff" type now added to Admin: Can view Payments and manage pins, wallets, student profile etc.
  14. Fixed the Hostel Module (Largest Admin Module) - BedSpaces and Viewer now fully Functional
  15. Fixed the Viewing, Editing and Deleting of uploaded results in Sub Classes (Major)
  16. Fixed Form Master Broadsheet Average Calculations. Average can be sorted to show the student position
  17. Fixed Admission Bugs in Student and Admin module
  18. Fixed Staff Result upload viewer to show sub classes (Major Bug)
  19. Update the general Interface for results uploads by staff and added age to Result
  20. Upgraded "payment viewer" to see paid and owing students
  21. Fixed the Form master and Assigned teacher display in Student dashboard
  22. Homepage now carries 3 Modules instead of 4 with all modules functioning.
  23. Added Student Registration number to dashboard, account dropdown and profile view
  24. Changed Staff "Bursar Role" to "Shop and Receipts"
  25. Made the "Add" Class Note and Home Work is now more visible
  26. Limited Staff Types to the Following: Can be changed as use case: A=MasterAdmin (Level 1), X=Principal (Level 2) - Except General Configuration, Xp=VicePrincipal (Level 3) - [Except Library Catalogue, Modules Plugin, Extensions, Default School Fee, Staff Roles, School Profile, Portal Controls, Staff Account Type Change], B=Bursar (Level 4), T=Teacher, S=NonTeachingStaff, C=Parent, Tp=Practising Teacher, Tl=LessonTeacher
  27. Tweaked the General UI of the portal and fixed bugs


  • Admin Portal Bug Fixed (13)
  • Student Portal Bug Fixed (5)
  • Staff Portal Bug Fixed (8)
  • Parent Portal Bug Fixed (3)
  • Prospective Student Portal (2)